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Worried about the retirement details and don’t know where to start?

The free download is the best 12-page comprehensive tool available that prepares your documents, mind, and heart so living “in” retirement is more joyful. With a variety of worksheets, inventories, checklists, and more – you can rest assured knowing you have all the help you need right at your fingertips.

This is much more than a financial calculator. It’s a dreams and goals meets what if’s tool. It’s the study guide to the test. Completing this guide brings your mind and heart to actual financial peace.

What’s in the Retirement Readiness Planning Guide?

Planning for retirement can be a painpoint and add unnecessary stress points between family members. It doesn’t have to be. The Retire Ready Planner is set up to walk you through the planning process, deeper than just where or how the money will be spent, and start looking forward to your days of retirement.

 The guide will have you will look at all of the areas that deal with Retirement, and most importantly the ones you haven’t thought of yet.

  • Declaration of Retirement Goals

  • Understanding Retirement Tax Brackets

  • Retirement Paperwork Expectations

  • Inventory of Your Accounts

  • Your Assets, Deposits, & Liabilities 

  • Market Volatility Survey

  • Beneficiary Overview

  • End of Life Checklist

My Approach To Fee-Only Financial & Retirement Planning

Why This Guide?

Help Eliminate Confusion

Your financial picture contains a ton of different parts. This Free Retirement Ready Guide will organize them to minimize the confusion around retiring.

Why This Guide?

Retirement Should Be Fun

Developing your flexible Retirement Plan allows a shift in focus to what is truly important to you.

Why This Guide?

It’s My Passion Project

It is my calling to help make the most of what you have while minimizing your taxes so that you can live your best life in Retirement.

Retirement Planning Services For those Planning for Retirement or Recently Retired

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Taxes in Retirement

Need extra encouragement to help you look at the emotional pain points and get your retirement plan off the ground?

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