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Brian Bickett offers Fee-Only, Tax-Smart Retirement Planning

What Exactly is Fee-Only Retirement Planning?

Fiduciary Basics

Fiduciary duty entails always, not just some of the time, acting in the client’s best interest, even if doing so is contrary to the firm’s interest.

We will always recommend that you accept nothing less than a fiduciary standard of care. You deserve nothing less.

Do You Need Fee-only financial advice

Are looking to hire someone to watch over your life savings and investments?

Do you prefer transparency when it comes to how you pay your advisor?

Do you understand the hidden fees you most likely are paying by using a commission-based agent or broker?

Would you rather not be sold an investment product that is vaguely suitable?

Get Your Retirement Ready Guide

This free download is a 12-page comprehensive tool that prepares your documents, mind, and heart so living “in” retirement is more joyful.

With a variety of worksheets, inventories, checklists, and more – you can rest assured knowing you have all the help you need right at your fingertips.

Our Retirement Planning Services

For those planning for retirement or recently retired, we provide ongoing planning and advice about all aspects of your finances. Our services take care of all the details so retirees can focus on living their best retirement.

Retirement Planning


Social Security Timing

Tax Planning


Medicare Options

Retirement Income

Investment Management

Retirement Planning Case Studies

Approaching Retirement Fee-Only Plan

Approaching Retirement

Case Study #1

After long careers where they have been putting money away for someday, Steve and his wife Sara began wondering if they have enough for retirement and what retirement could look like.  Their brief conversations around retirement have revealed that they happen to have different ideas on what retirement means to each of them.

They both have 401k’s from different employers as well as Roth IRA’s that they have been contributing to the past 8 years.  Sara also has a pension from her most recent employer and an inherited IRA from her mother.  They both are concerned about Social Security running of money and how to coordinate all of this.

Fee-Only Retirement Planning by CFP Brian Bickett

Retired Without A Plan

Case Study #2

Mark and Linda both recently retired from rewarding careers and are looking forward to their many plans for the future.  

They want to ensure that their retirement plan not only enables the lifestyle they have envisioned in retirement but that they have a plan to make sure they never run out of money.  

They recognize that reducing taxes, improving investments, and creating a reliable income stream in retirement is their priority and would like a fiduciary advisor to help them going forward so that they can focus on their version of retirement.

Fee-Only Retirement Planning for Widows by CFP Brian Bickett

Recently or Unexpectedly Widowed

Case Study #3

Robert and Susan were high school sweethearts and she never thought there would be a day without him there to share more memories, let alone to help guide her through difficult and often confusing financial decisions.

Once the dust began to settle and the children had returned to their homes, Susan recognized that she could use some help sorting through her options and understanding which of those made the most sense for her situation.  Robert’s passing instilled in Susan a focus on making the most of each day she was blessed to experience and a strong desire for a flexible plan going forward.

(Note: These case studies are hypothetical, do not involve actual Iron Mountain Financial Planning clients, and should not be construed as a guarantee.)

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Brian enjoys living in the Black Hills of South Dakota with his wife Nicole and children Ellie & Jackson.  Having come from an engineering background, Brian is definitely comfortable with big numbers and fine details.  He absolutely believes that his purpose is to serve and help others which drives his passion to do so.  Outside of Iron Mountain Financial Planning, LLC, you will find Brian spending time with his family, enjoying a ride on his motorcycle, camping, hunting, or serving at his church.

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