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for the Week of August 14, 2019


This week’s financial article explores Warren Buffett’s response to the question “What would you do to live a happier life – if you could live all over again?”  Asking this question of one of the world’s richest people seems like a non-event.  I almost didn’t read the rest of the article either.

His response details the long odds of simply being born in the United States, adds some humor comparing today’s living conditions to those in the past, and then offers his perspective on happiness.

While it may seem like a skewed perspective, someone with more money than can be spent giving advice on happiness does have its merit.  If you could buy everything you thought would make you happy, would you truly then be happy?  (Jim Carrey offered his similar perspective here.)

There have been more than a few studies on the correlation between money and happiness (See here, here, here…).  They all point to a ceiling where up to the amount needed to meet your basic needs, in today’s society, yes more makes you happier.  But then, beyond that ceiling, there is no correlation between more money and more happiness.

Buffett’s focus on finding work you enjoy really translates to enjoying what most of us spend the majority of our time doing.  For those of you who have read this far and have either already retired are are approaching retirement, what will you fill this time with that brings joy to your life?

Enjoy the ride of YOUR life!

— Brian

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If Warren Buffett Could Do It All Over Again – Would He?

I thought you would find this Power Players article interesting because his response is not quite what one would expect from one of the richest people in the world.

Places To See And Ride In Western South Dakota

Now that the 79th Sturgis Rally & Races have officially wrapped up, now is the time to take in the local sites.  Personal favorites such as Iron Mountain Road made the list along with a couple that need to be checked out such as the Minuteman Missile Visitors Center.

Where’s Brian?

Appreciating these last two weeks of summer before school begins…

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