Investment Management Services

Iron Mountain Financial Planning, LLC provides on-going management of individually tailored investment portfolios.  Client accounts are held directly at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. & TD Ameritrade Clearing, Inc.

Our Evidence-Based Investing Approach

Moving beyond passive and active investing to focus on why and improve client outcomes.

Evidence-Based Investing

  • Long-Term Market History
  • Focus on what we can control
  • Practical Application
  • Patient Participation


Traditional Investing

  • Trying to outperforming the markets
  • Relying on “Expert” opinions
  • Risk is secondary to performance
  • Quick to react to the latest news

Evidence-Based Investing Differs from Traditional Investing in Several Areas

Focus on investor’s goals, portfolio’s developed with expected market retuns in mind.

Choosing a different Path

Focus on beating the markets and chasing the next hot trend.

Development and adherence to an Investment Policy Statement which answers the how and why.


Starting with the Why

Investing to get the highest return, nevermind risk and potential for loss – more money is better.

Long-term perspective, recognizing rtirement portfolios are designed for 30 to 40+ years.

Perspective of Time

Short-term performance focus, how did we do last quarter.

Low implementation and maintenance costs, less return is lost to expenses.

Expenses Matter

Increased trading inherent to active investing drives up investor expenses and taxes.

Utilizing asset location strategies to place assets in the most tax efficient account type.

Investment Location

Accounts are invested similarly regardless of account tax characteristics.

Actively monitoring opportunities for tax loss harvesting by utilizing market swings to reduce income taxes.

Market Volatility

Taking gains and losses only when changing to the next hot trend.

Quarterly rebalancing ensures portfolio risk remains in alignment with investor goals.


Growth has been outperforming for several years, we should add to that fund.

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